We clean, connect and organize information


What we offer for the growth of your Organization!


How we can help you:

  • Understand what the Semantic Web will mean for your Health Care

  • Develop semantic concepts and ideas for your business

  • Create a Linked Data strategy

  • Understand what is required to convert your data into RDF format


Whether you’re just starting out in the world of Semantic Web, or are senior researchers or technical teams, we can help improve your skills so you get the most out of your data and technology.

We organize Workshops, Tutorials and Hackathons


We can create an RDF data conversion strategy for your business and can pilot data conversion projects as well as convert large datasets for your organisation. We can advise you how to host these datasets or host them on your behalf whether on your business intranet or on the world wide web so they are available to other Linked Data applications.

  • Experience the power of combining multiple data sets from data sources and see how your data can be easily linked and connected to other RDF datasets

  • Understand the implications of converting your data to RDF

  • Experiment data cleaning, development of terminologies, taxonomies and ontologies for your bio-domain


If you need help putting a Semantic Web/Linked Data system into practice, we’ll work with you to support the creation of effective data solutions, providing a refined user experience for your organisation and its audience.​

Please feel free to contact us to talk more about how we can help your Organization understand the power and flexibility of Semantic Web and Linked Data revolution.

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