Friday 11 October 2013

Semantic Web for Life Sciences: vision, aims, tools, platforms (upcoming tutorial)

We are presenting a tutorial at Nettab 2013:

From the abstract:
This tutorial is an introduction to Semantic Web technologies for Bioinformaticians, Researchers and other professionals working on biomedical and life sciences data. It is composed of two parts: an introduction to technologies and tools, and an overview of how these technologies fit in the current bioinformatics landscape. 
The first part will briefly introduce key concepts and technologies (RDF, OWL, Rules, SKOS, SPARQL, Linked-Data, Triplestores) and then present tools and techniques to address two prototypical use cases: publishing information on the Semantic Web, and consuming information that can be found in RDF. 
The second part of the tutorial will present an overview of the state of adoption of semantic web technologies in bioinformatics (which databases publish information in RDF and different representation patterns). It will also present features and limitations that characterize these technologies, to provide an understanding of which data and applications they can practically benefit.